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Welta was a German camera maker based in Freital near Dresden. It was founded in 1914 as Weeka-Kamera-Werk and became Welta-Kamera-Werk in 1919. It made a number of medium-priced folders before World War II.

After the war, Welta continued production as a state company (VEB Welta-Kamera-Werk), with a range evolved from the prewar models. It absorbed Kamera-Werk Tharandt (the former Richter) in 1950. It became a part of the large VEB Kamera- und Kinowerk Dresden in 1959, a state owned conglomerate of East-German cameramakers that was to become VEB Pentacon in 1964.

Stock No 325
Welta Folder
From Germany in 1936? Has an accessory shoe between the viewfinder and shutter button. Xenar f:3.5 F=5cm Schnider- Kreuznach lens.
~ Fair condition with light rust on hinge and spool.
   Asking Price $80.00

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