"Rulex Cameras"

Stock No 3298

Rulex 9X12cm plate camera.

(This camera does NOT use 35mm film. The cassette is in then pic to give scale only.)

This is a quite scarce folding German plate camera.... and it is all complete including wire frame finder and unbroken ground glass still in the focusing back. Made in the 20's in Germany, probably by Ica, although there appears to be no id on the camers aside from the name RULEX under the lens.

Rulex was a type of shutter, but this camera may have been sold by the shutter maker. The large dial set Rulex shutter on the front is most impressive. It works but only fires on one speed, about 100 I would say. T & B work.

This camera has rising / cross front movemants, controlled by large chrome knobs on the RHS of the lens standard.These work easily and well.

It has a quality G. Rodenstock Doppel anastigmat f 4.5 13.5cm lens. The lens is clear of growth, but has some cloudiness in both element groups. However it is an uncoated,relatively simple lens, so should be cleanable....... but it is on display that this camera is more likely to impress.

This is a double extension bellows camera, most striking on display. Cosmetically it is in exc condition, and would look great on the shelf. The leather covering shows a little wear, the back still opens to form a light hood shading cover over the ground glass for focusing, and the black and nickle chrome trim is still very nice. The ivory plate with the focusing scale on it is excellent and the focusing stop works well.

There are a couple of small issues, that do not affect really either operation or use. The spirit level attached to the rotating brilliant viewfinder has a cracked glass, and the fluid has escaped. The plate that exerts pressure on the friction focusing geae mechanism has been replaced, and does not create enough pressure so focusing has to be helped manually.... and, as happens a lot with any old folder, someone at some stage has tried to close the camera without returning the lens shutter assembly fully to the closed position. This slightly bends the track below the lens standard, and makes it hard to open and close the camera. In this case, closing is reasonable, opening requires a push down on the opening thumgrips at the front, and a little pressure behind the standard from the rear. But as you can see from the pics, it does open and close. It is likely to be open on display for most of the rest of its life anyway, as it is a most impressive peice.



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