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Stock No 510
Nikon EF 100
Compact 35mm camera with in built flash, 35mm Macro lens. Made in Malaysia.
~ Good clean condition.
   Asking Price $15.00
Stock No 1925
Nikon Lite*Touch Zoom 70W AF
35mm camera with Auto film advance and rewind, in-built flash, zoom 28-70mm lens with macro. Takes 1 x CR2 battery.
~ There are a few buff and scratch marks, all appears to work.
   Asking Price $25.00

Stock no 4022
This popular Nikon TW-series was upgraded in 1988. The lense supplied was now a Nikon 35~80mm f/3.5~f/7.8 lens with Macro capability (previous TW models has 35-70mm lens). Highlights of this Nikon TW Zoom QD include was a standard Quartz data back, the built-in speed light has a more extended working range as well as continuous zoom function. The image size can be control via an image size selector. Powered with a 6v (DL223) Lithium cell. In some markets, this camera was also referred as Nikon Zoom Touch 500.
In good condition and come with a Nikon heavy made camera bag

Asking price $28.00

Stock No 1779
Nikon Zoom 90
Compact 35mm camera with in built flash, auto advance and rewind. 38-90 Macro lens. Made in Japan. Takes 1 x CR battery. Soft case.
~ Very Good condition, all appears to work.
   Asking Price $40.00

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