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Stock No 611
Canon Motor Zoom 8 EEE
Takes 4 x AA Batteries. Zoom lens 10-40mm 1:1.7. With carry case. This one has the often lost "Battery Magazine"
~ Good clean condition. However I tried it with batteries and I could not get it to run, although I had no film in it.
   Asking Price $20.00

Stock No 1001
Chinon 805S Direct Sound
Takes 6 x AA + 1 x A544 6v Batteries. Chinon Reflex Zoom Wide/Zoom lens F:1.7 7.5 ~ 60mm. With lens sleeve.
~ Good condition.(no engraved on back)
   Asking Price $35.00
Stock No 461
Made in Japan, uses Super 8 cartridge film. Takes 4 x AA batteries.
~ Good clean working condition, lens movement for Tele/Wide is loose.
   Asking Price $15.00
Stock No 1865
Eumig C 3 Movie Camera
Made in Austria. c1938-55. Double 8 movie camera taking 25' spools. Black patterned metal body. Optical eye level finder. 8-32 fps. Schnieder-Krewznachh Xenoplan1 1:1,9/13. Leather Case.
~ Appears to work, fair cosmetic condition.

Stock No 1016
Hanimex U-8 Zoom Movie Camera
Wind up motor. 8mm spool film. Selium meter. Filter / Non-filter function. Rubica Zoom lens f/1.8, wide angle / telephoto.
~ Fair to good condition. Trigger mechanism could use a service.
   Asking Price $15.00

Stock No 1243
Ricoh Movie Camera Ricohmite 88E
Made in 1960 , this is a tiny , metal bodied double run 8mm camera.Electric motor operates on 2 AA batteries.Runs ok. Has a meter which is not working , and the viewfinder is not, you cannot see through it at all. But still, is a most unusual Japanese movie camera of the period. It is just 1 1/4" wide. A great collectible.
~ Good clean condition. Minor wear to the enamel surface.
   Asking Price $40.00
Stock No 447
Sedic S1000 EE Movie Camera
A simple fixed lens movie camera from Japan, for use with a cartridge film. Takes 4 x AA batteries.
~ Good clean condition.
   Asking Price $12.00

Stock No 1003
Titan 712P
Made in Japan. Case. Kohkanon Zoom wide/tele lens F1 : 1.8. Takes 2 x AA + 1 x PX13 batteries.
~ Good clean condition, I have fitted batteries and it works.
   Asking Price $20.00

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