"Minolta Subminiture Cameras"

Stock No 3328
Minolta 16 miniature spy Camera Lames Bond 007 style
This unusual camera was made by Minolta starting in 1957.
Notice how this miniature camera fits into a cigarette pack, with the shutter lens aiming out the hole in the side of pack. This is a spy camera like you would see in a James Bond movie.
The little square button just above the edge of the pack is the shutter button, and it can be fired from inside the pack. The camera is then cocked by closing the camera downward and opening it again. The camera cocks like a mini shotgun.
The camera is in beautiful condition.


Stock No 2849
Minolta 16 Model P
c1960-65. Subminiture 16mm film camera. Rokkor f3.5/25 shutter 1/1000 only. With Minolta Duofit flash unit.
~ Good condition, all appears to work.

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