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Stock No 3094

Leica M1 (DBP)

c1959. Ernst Leitz GMBH - Watzlar, Germany (NO 967 006). Elmar, 1:2.8 / 50 Leitz Wetzar lens with cap.
The Leica M1 is a 35 mm camera by Leica Camera AG, introduced in 1959. The M1 has no rangefinder, but a parallax-corrected viewfinder with frames for 35 and 50mm permanently displayed. 9431 were made.
The M1 was the cheapest and simpliest Leica M body. As such, it was suitable either as a low-budget general purpose camera, or as an interface to other instruments, like the Visoflex, or scientific instruments (telescopes, microscopes, etc.).

~ Very Good condition.

Stock No 3095
Leica Lens
Leitz Wetzlar (No 372496) Elmar f=9cm 1:4. With lens cap.
~ Very Good condition.
Stock No 1957
Leica Lens
Leitz Wetzlar (No 1642820) Hektor 1:4.5 / 135. With lens cap and plastic container tube.
~ Very Good condition.

Stock No 3087
Ernst Leitz GmbH Wetzlar Flash
Made in Germany. With the adjustable angle bracket.
~ Good condition.

Stock No 3097

Leica Guide

From the early 1960's. The Focal Press. "How to work with all Leica models from l to M3". Thirty-fourth Edition. 136 pages, 16cm x 12cm.

~ Fairly good condition.

Stock No 3098

Leica Price List

Issued September 1961.
      Leica cameras, lenses and reflex housings 3 Viewfinders
      Lens hoods
      Accessories for cameras and lenses
      Cases and containers 9 Flash equipment
      Near focusing and copying devices
      Leicina 8 mm movie camera
      Slide projectors
      Perrocolor transparency mounts
      Field glasses

U.K. prices are inclusive of purchase tax where applicable. Purchase tax included is at the rate of 27-j%, incorporating the 10% P.T. surcharge announced on the 25th July 1961. Though ruling at the time of going to press all prices are subject to alteration without notice. E. & O.E.

~ Fair condition.

Stock No 3099

Leica M2 Sales Brocure

From the early 1960's.

~ Fair to good condition.

If this symbol is shown with a particular camera it indicates that I do not wish to sell it, however if you really want to buy it, make me an offer.
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