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Stock No 2049
Konilette 35
c1959. Made in Japan. 35mm viewfinder camera. Body based on Taisel Koki Wemly cameras of c1956. Konitor 1:35 f=45mm lens. Shutter 25-200, B, sync. Leather case.
~ Good cosmetic condition, shutter jammed open.
   Asking Price $45.00


Stock No 4017
The Konica C35 was the first of a number of compact cameras that swept the marketplace in the early seventies. Its appeal to the general public was obvious from the start: it was a compact, light and simple to use camera with an excellent lens that was distinctly wider than average for the time and that took good photographs because it could be focused accurately. It was an outstanding sales success throughout the world.
In reasonable condition except for the self-timer arm missing from it

Asking price $20.00

Stock No 1091
Konica EFP2
35mm Camera with 38mm Konica Heyanco lense. Made in Japan. Plastic construction.
~ Good cosmetic condition, however Flash is not working.
   Asking Price $10.00
Stock No 1974
Konica POP EF-20
35mm Camera with Konica lens. Auto film advance & rewind. Plastic construction. Built in flash. Takes 2 x AA batteries.
~ Good condition, all apppears to work.
   Asking Price $10.00
Stock No 1476
Konica Top's
35mm camera with in-built flash. 34mm f4 Konica lens. Takes 1 x CR123A battery.
~ Good cosmetic condition, appears to be a problem with the electrics.
   Asking Price $10.00
Stock No 1604
Konica WP Jump Start
Weather Proof 35mm camera with auto in-built flash. Fixed focus. Takes 1 x CR123 battery.
~ Good cosmetic condition, appears to be a problem with the electrics.
   Asking Price $15.00
Stock No 1938
Konica Z-up 135 Super
Made in Japan. 35mm Zoom camera with auto film advance and rewind. Auto flash. Takes 1 x 123 (3v) battery.
~ Good cosmetic condition, there appears to be a problem with the electrics.
   Asking Price $15.00

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