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Stock No 1745
Kodak Reflex 1A
Despite the advertizing of the day saying this camera came ..."with extra bright ground glass finder .." the finder was always a problem on the Kodak Reflex so in 1950, 4 years after its introduction, a professional conversion was offered and the originsal ground-glass was relaced by an Ektalite field lens, to make viewing much brighter. The conversion included renaming the camera the Kodak Reflex 1A and these models are very scarce today. The Kodak Reflex an attempt by the great Yellow father to get into the TLr market.But it used 620 film. A pretty standard TLR, with good Anastigmat lenses a flash synched Supermatic shutter to 200, it was made to a price with externally coupled focusing mechanism. They were always doomed with the 620 film thing, and there are not many around for the collector today. It comes with its original large lens cap, and a VERY solid leather covered METAL eveready case which nees repair. There is also a copy of the advertserment that extolled the virtues of the bright finder.
~ This one is very good cosmetic condition, except for a small "ding" in the back of the finder. This makes it hard to open the folding finder, but once it is up, the magnifier and sports finder are easily accessible. The lens is clear, the shutter works but is slow as it is "oily"

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