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Stock No 2282
Kodak EasyLoad 35

User's Guide
Preview Screen
You can be sure you got the shot when you preview your picture on the Preview Screen. Print Quantity Selection
If you are happy with the previewed picture, you can order extra prints, up to 9, with a touch of a button on the camera back. If not, you can select zero prints and take a new picture. The magnetic Information Exchange (IX) technology records the ordering information on the film, so the selected number of each print is produced automatically during processing.
Three Print Formats
You can take three different size pictures: Classic (C), Group/HDTV (H), or Panoramic (P). The viewfinder changes to show the selected picture size. You can also see how your print will look in the different formats on the Preview Screen and change the format to the one that looks the best.
Automatic Energy Saving Features
Flip Flash Plus
This smart-flash system automatically adjusts to provide the right light in any situation.
Flip flash moves the flash away from the lens to reduce redeye.
Automatically turns on for dimly lit scenes.
Long flash range delivers brighter light for more colorful distance pictures.
Automatically provides fill-in light for more sparkle and clarity in harshly lit outdoor portraits.
Provides softer light for more natural images for close-ups.
Provides extra red-eye reduction with the red-eye-reduction mode.

Date, Time, and Title Imprinting
The date, time, and cassette ID number are printed on the back of your prints, which makes it easy to organize pictures and order reprints. You can choose from one of 10 pre-programmed titles (5 languages available) to print on the back of the prints. See your photofinisher for a full description of the available services.
Mid-roll change (MRC)
You can remove your film in mid-roll and later reload it and continue taking pictures. MRC lets you: share a family camera in which the members use their own roll of film, switch between color and black-and-white film, switch film speeds in mid-roll to match scene requirements, and organize by dedicating individual film rolls to specific subjects.
Picture Quality Information Exchange (PQix)
This camera records vital scene data on the film's magnetic information strip and communicates that information to the photo lab to optimize lighting and color for better-looking prints.
Easy, drop-in loading
Easy, drop-in loading is fast and virtually error-free, eliminating blank rolls and double exposures. The camera uses KODAK ADVANTIX Film. The film cassette, unlike the traditional 35 mm cartridge, becomes the carrier and storage container for the processed film.

Film Status Indicator (FSI)
A highlighted indicator advances from one symbol to another to identify the status of the film inside the cassette.

~ Good condition, all appears to work.
   Asking Price $40.00


For further information see:-
Stock No 2505
Kodak Advantix F300
Made in China. Takes 2 x AA batteries. Small camera for Advantix film. LCD readout on back.
~ Fair to good cosmetic condition, untested.
   Asking Price $15.00
Stock No 3055
Kodak Advantix F300
Made in China. Takes 2 x AA batteries. Small camera for Advantix film. LCD readout on back.
~ Fair to good cosmetic condition, untested.
   Asking Price $15.00
Stock No 2855
Kodak Advantix F600
2 x Zoom. Autofocus lens. Auto film advance and rewind. Auto flash with fill flash and defeat modes. 1 Roll of 200 x 25exp film (out of date). Soft case. Sales box. Takes 1 x 3v lithium battery (not supplied). Instruction booklet. The price tag on tag on the box = $194.00, proably from the late 1990's
~ Appears to be new, I fitted a battery (without film) all appears to work.
   Asking Price $25.00

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