"Futura Cameras"
FUTURA KAMERAWERK GMBH (Fritz Kuhnert, Freiburg, Germany)
The "Optische Anstalt Fritz Kuhnert" was founded in 1942. After running into financial difficulties, the name was change in 1951 to "Futura Kamerawerk GmbH". Until 1951 inscription on lenses and shutte face is "Fritz Kuhnert", from 1951 on "Futura". Futura Kamerawerk closed down at the end of 1956.

Stock No 896
c1934. Made in Germany. TLR for 6x6cm on 120 film. Foth Anastigmat f3.5/75mm lens. Cloth focal-plane shutter 25-500, B. A rare camera.
~ Works, but only on B. Cosmetically good with a little of the covering starting to lift.
Stock No 002
Futura P
c1953. Made in Germany. Budget model with Futar 1:3.5,54/45 lens. Very solid camera.
~ Fair to good condition with some blemishes around lens dials.

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