"Flexo Cameras"
LIPPISCHE CAMERAFABRIK (Richter & Fischer GmbH, Barntrup, Germany)
The company was the West-German postwar successor to C. Richter in Tharandt, which was in East-Germany. The Flexora and Flexo TLR cameras were developed from the prewar Reflecta. First prototypes were shown under the name of "Licaflex" in 1948. The company trademark was "Lipca". There was a connection with Plaubel; Roll-Op was the name of several prewar Plaubel cameras, some Flexoras have a film counter and transport mechanism from prewar Plaubel Roll-Op cameras.

Stock No 879
Flexo TLR
c1950. Made in Germany. For 6x6 cm on 120 film. Helical-focous opened by lever below bellows. Identical taking and viewing lenses which on this camera are Prontor-S. Leather case which needs repair.
~ Good condition apart from, crack in top viewing glass.
   Asking Price $100.00

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