"Coronet Cameras"
Coronet Camera Co. Birmingham, England.
Coronet Camera Co. 1926-1946
Coronet Ltd. 1946-1967
Standard Cameras Ltd. c1931-1955
This company was formed c1926 by F.W.Pettifer and manufactured a large number of cheap box and folding cameras until c1967. Many of its cameras were distributed via premium schemes or mail order catalogues. Most of its pre-war box cameras and post 1945 plastic molded cameras appear with different nameplates and lens panel stylings. The company linked up with Tiranty of Paris after WMII to produce cameras and avoid French import restrictions. These cameras usually have 'Made in France' and French instructions on controls and include the Rapide, Le Polo, Weekend and Fildia.

Throughout its life the firm produced various Coronet accessories, flash units, closeup filters and viewers and its own Coronet film in 120 and 127 sizes. Close links between Coronet, Standard Cameras Ltd. and Conway cameras exist with molds and body parts being interchanged. Over 50 different Coronets exist.

Stock No 482
Coronet Cub
Plastic Bodied camera for 28 x 40 on F828 film, spring loaded telescoping front. Folding optical finder. Fixed focus, single shutter speed. No flash sinc.
~ Fair condition with a little surface rust on the metal viewfinder. Film advance nob has about 1/3 Missing.
   Asking Price $35.00
Stock No 855
Coronet 4-4 Mark II
Coronet made a heap of variations to this theme. An interesting shape, eye level simple camera. This one has a red Coronet 4-4 mark II on the front. The body is black plastic with grey top and lens surround. With Plastic carry case.
~ Good clean condition.
   Asking Price $35.00
Stock No 989
Coronet 44
Black bakerlite eye level camera with metal back. Takes 12 exposures on 120 film. No flash facility.
~ Excellent condition.
   Asking Price $35.00
Stock No 3037
Coronet 44
Made in the mid to late 50's in the UK, this is a Coronet 4...4 camera. It is one of a series of cameras from coronet that all looked similar, and are listed in catalogues as being made of bakelite.
I am not sure it is genuine bakelite despite catalogue listings, but it is a thick black bakelite type plastic, and may well be the real thing. Is a pretty featrureless simple camera for 4 X 4 exposures on 127 film. It has a simple everset shutter, and a meniscus lens. It has nice contrasting light grey knobs, and the shutter release has a sliding locking mechanism.
This camera is quite pleasantly shaped, and makes a great display peice. If it had been a better camera, it would have been a folding camera with bellows, but in these cheaply made Coronets the bellows has been replaced by a bakelite tube, giving the camera its odd shape.
It has nice vertical "ribbing " on the tube, and horizontal "ribbing" on the front of the camera body. The top and bottom of the body, and the viewfinder tube are smooth black shiny bakelite. The removeable back is crinkle "Japan" finish metal.
The side clasps are brushed chrome with black enamel contrasting panels. The brished chrome front panel with red lettering and gemetric patern holes to allow the contrasting black bakelite to show through complete the picture.
It is quite a pretty camera. A really nice peice for the shelf!
~ Excellent condition.
   Asking Price $35.00

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