"Coronet Box Cameras"
Coronet Camera Co. Birmingham, England.
Coronet Camera Co. 1926-1946
Coronet Ltd. 1946-1967
Standard Cameras Ltd. c1931-1955
This company was formed c1926 by F.W.Pettifer and manufactured a large number of cheap box and folding cameras until c1967. Many of its cameras were distributed via premium schemes or mail order catalogues. Most of its pre-war box cameras and post 1945 plastic molded cameras appear with different nameplates and lens panel stylings. The company linked up with Tiranty of Paris after WMII to produce cameras and avoid French import restrictions. These cameras usually have 'Made in France' and French instructions on controls and include the Rapide, Le Polo, Weekend and Fildia.

Throughout its life the firm produced various Coronet accessories, flash units, closeup filters and viewers and its own Coronet film in 120 and 127 sizes. Close links between Coronet, Standard Cameras Ltd. and Conway cameras exist with molds and body parts being interchanged. Over 50 different Coronets exist.

Stock No 1438
Coronet Ambassador
c1955. Made in England. Metal and bakerlite box camera. This one has chrome flip up covers over the view finders. 6x9cm on 120 film. Two small levers above shutter release engage time exposure and green filter.
~ Fair to good condition, however the shutter operation is doubtful.
   Asking Price $30.00
Stock No 899
Coronet Conway
Metal and Bakerlite box camera. Looks later than others, but has interesting geometrical Art -Deco style design on sliver and black faceplate. Flip up covers on view finders, flash sync.
~ Very Good Condition.
   Asking Price $50.00
Stock No 900
Coronet Conway Popular Model
c1930's. Made in England. Brown card body. Flip up covers on small view finders. 6x9cm on 120 film. Near and Distant settings on lens. Two small levers above shutter release engage time exposure and green filter.
~ Some rust on clasps, and wear around winding knob, otherwise fair to good condition.
   Asking Price $45.00
Stock No 301
Coronet "Every Distance"
1935 Box camera made in England. Metal Box camera with leatherette covering, for 6x9cm on 120 film. Complete with carry strap. "Every Distance" lens.
~ Fair condition considering it's age.
   Asking Price $25.00
Stock No 901
Coronet "Every Distance"
c1934. English. 104mm f14 lens in simple shutter. Has had 2nd red window fitted in the back, both of which need repair Strap. A little unusual. . . And. . . . Comes with original Coronet Instruction Book, which is not mint.
~ Nice, patterned lens art deco metal painted surround shows some wear. Leather covering Very Good.
   Asking Price $45.00
Stock No 904
Coronet "Portrait Lens"
c1935. Simple cardboard box 120 film camera.Made in England. The shutter has two settings, 3ft only and 9ft and over. Portrait lens.
~ Fair to good condition with light rust spots on metal parts.
   Asking Price $30.00

Stock No 949
Coronet "O.20" Box
From the 1930's, Cardboard construction Box camera with Coronet Meniscus lens. Original Box which has been poorly repaired and Instructions booklet which shows signs of wear.
~The camera is in very good condition.
   Asking Price $40.00

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