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Busch Folding Camera

A large, solid, heavy plate camera, made in Germany by Emil Busch pre World War 1.
An Emil Busch PREIS plate camera. The camera does not have its ground glass back, but has been fitted with a RADO 120 roll film back for modern use, giving 6 x 9 negs.
A great collectable, and if you really want to go to the trouble, make a great impression, a useable antique.
It has double extension bellows for really close shots, an added optical viewfinder, and an ivory focusing scale on the baseboad.
It is fitted with Busch Glyptar f 4.5 16.5cm Anastigmales in a MAMOTH Dial-set Compur shutter to 150. All speeds work, including the slow ones, the bellows still appear light tight. They are of a quality leather. The camera body is woodcovered, again with a quality leather. The baseboard(Drop down door)is metal. The camera has a rising front , and opens and closes easily.

~ Cosmetically it is very good and looks great open to full extension with the large brass ringed lens on the front. This a really nice peice.

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